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Amazon is the largest internet company by revenue in the world. Today, Amazon is almost everywhere, a place where selling a product is possible, so everywhere. Selling products on Amazon is essential in the 21st century. Millions of people access the Amazon portal worldwide, most using their phones. Selling and buying were never easy before but today.

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Account Management 

Amazon account management service covers a bunch of important strategies that a brand must-have, whether you are a small, medium or large organization. In this service we cover, product ranking, Improve SEO, Optimize PPC advertising, Keyword Research, Offer Amazon Business Advisory, A+ Content Creation, FBA Management, Product Research.



Catalogues and listings are systematically designed contents that lead the customers to stay more on your product page and buy. To bifurcate the two, let us start with cataloguing. Cataloguing is the process of listing your products, which covers everything, price, type, specifications of the products that you would like to sell. Listing on the other hand is registration, product upload, single/bulk product listing, inventory management etc. Contact us for Cataloging Service.


eCommerce Accounting

One of the key aspects of the business that always ignored by small and medium-sized businesses. Amazon accounting is extremely complex, it is hard to monitor every order, hence, those orders’ profit margins. But, we have a solution for that. We have created our own semi-automatic calculator that will give you an insight into each order's profit of Amazon and other marketplaces as well.



We are registered with Amazon SPN, we have completed numerous projects for clothing, bathroom accessories, home décor, arts and crafts, jewellery, beauty & healthcare, toys & games, luggage & accessories, and many more. We aim to give the best quality images that reduce returns, as images accurately represent products as they will be received by customers. You must have high-quality zoomable images on listing page. Fill in the contact us page below for more details.


Amazon Advertising 

One of the key aspects of the business that always ignored by small and medium-sized businesses. Amazon advertising solution can help you achieve your business goals. It drives sales, builds your brand, and engage customers on Amazon. Self-service advertising helps you get only sales but optimizing it is a must, so opt-in for the Amazon advertising optimization plan today.



Amazon ATES or other training always help people who want to start their career in the eCommerce field or who would like to grow their business. As nothing stays as it is, change is constant in everyone’s life. So, keep yourself self-updated with Amazon’s selling policy changes. Selling on Amazon is at a point seems easy, but there are many factors that a buyer should understand before they let the account get suspended forever. First, understand, learn and then start selling.



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Nygma Infotech Private Limited is a one-stop solution to your e-commerce business. Whether you want to start your e-commerce business or you want to take it to the next level. Something can't be done without an expert.

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