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Have Your Online Presence with SEO Friendly Website

Whatever domain or industry you desire your website to create, with our able web developers at Nygma Infotech, you will obtain web solutions that exceed your expectations regarding production and usability.

We are a top-notch IT company in India that can assist you in establishing your brand and enhance your goods or services demand within a customer-centric and data-driven method. We realize the value of having an appealing website in today’s digital era and HEIGHTEN YOUR USER EXPERIENCE AND PROFITABILITY.



  • 01. Understand Clients’ Perception

In the beginning, we diligently and comprehensively hear clients’ demands and clarify their doubts most reliably to move forward in the right direction.

  • 02. Planning and Conceptualization

We craft a fixed plan to construct your website development process flexible and coordinated. We know how crucial it is to accomplish goals and build a vast experience for end-users as well.

  • 03. Design and Develop

After creating a platform, we convey the design to the client to examine and get feedback. We continue looking for innovative techniques until you are happy with our service. Then, the design will be coded and developed.

  • 04. Testing

We operate the website on different devices and employ advanced mechanisms to make sure it is user-friendly, responsive, and error-free as per W3C validation. If we see any issue, we assure to make the required changes to achieve quality projects.

  • 05. Launching

After making sure your website is perfect, we launch it in the market by stationing it on your server, which will be available for you, your team, and users. We also render maintenance and assistance if you find any execution issues.


Whether you operate a large-scale business or a startup company, picking us would be a reasonable decision to get an SEO-friendly and winning website. Our web design specialists and developers aim to research and present full-fledged web development services that will bring impactful modifications to your brand.

  • Powerful and Determined Approach

  • Best Skillful Web Developers and Coders

  • Search Engine Friendly Websites

  • Crystal Clear Development Method

  • Tailor-made Web Solutions

  • Solid Clientele Base

  • Professional best-in-Class Support

Why Web Design is necessary to Maximize Your Revenue?

As digitalization has now taken great value in each and every sector, most people are running their business online. So, being unaware of the benefits of working digitally or counting it as something low would be our mistake. Website designing is the crucial step of getting started with working online.

Almost 95 per cent of a user’s first impression relates to web design. Our team provides tailor-made services of web designing to fulfil the specific needs of our clients. Also, we care for other strategies of marketing that may help you in building a good online presence and in achieving your business goals.

We know how to rock it with SEO

As a web designing service provider, we know how imperative it is to design a website that is dynamic and is well-optimized with SEO norms.

We understand Google Algorithm well

Along with it, we will define the Google algorithms for your business website so that your business can appear in the top results of search engines.

Our goal: So, our objective is to provide you with cost-efficient services as per your business requirements to give top-notch results.

How can our web designing services help your brand?

  • Giving a professional approach to your company

  • Boosting your conversion rate

  • Provide faster loading of the website

  • Better credibility of the business

  • Improved results of SEO

  • Amazing user experience

Our Quality Web Development Services

Mobile Application Development

We have the proper knowledge and expertise working on cross-platform skeletons like PhoneGap and Titanium that make your app work smoothly on any device like iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows Phone.

Nygma Infotech has delivered numerous applications on different mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. Our proficient team concentrates on providing high-end mobile apps that have a vibrant UI and quicker performance.

Enterprise Web Application Development

We have ample experience in developing reliable, scalable applications created according to customized business needs. We make use of high-end tech features like the framework to equip you with rich industry applications that intensify productivity and performance.

SharePoint Application Development

We are experienced in executing SharePoint to leverage collaboration and communication. We have served various SharePoint configurations.

Our outstanding service:

  • We provide solutions for content management, document management, and data management.

  • We execute Workflow, implement integrated solutions, enhance business insights with BI, record and develop collaboration using SharePoint.

CRM Application Development

We have worked with numerous clients for their CRM demands. Our company consists of specialists having talents in SugarCRM, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We also are proficient in delivering custom CRM solutions.

  • We also have a qualified team that specializes in furnishing Salesforce automation.

  • Our solutions include sales & marketing solutions, lead generation, dashboard & reporting, lead generation, alerts & notification automation, and inquiry management, among others.

Open Source Application Development

We have benefited many clients to ascend their business processes by presenting cost-efficient and quality services.

We have scaled the extensive abilities of several open-source accessories like CodeIgniter, Zend, PHP5, CakePHP, Symphony, Magento, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Moodle, Angular JS, JQuery, PhoneGap, OSCommerce, SugarCRM, and MySQL.

Our Quality Web Design Services

E-commerce web design

Transforming casual online shoppers into genuine customers – that’s what you aspire as an online retailer. Our proficient web designers can produce an optimized digital store using modern platforms and structures.

  • You can choose from several CMS options (BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, OpenCart) or comprehensive custom programming for shopping cart development as per your specifications.

  • We also render services for generating robust Marketplaces, both B2B & B2C frameworks.

Business web design

When you start a business, developing a website may appear to be an indulgence. Let us tell you. A website is an indispensable part of any business in today’s digital life. The intense struggle in the market requires you to build a great digital touchpoint right from the start.

We conduct proper research about your business domain, distinguish challenges and possibilities to develop a decisive plan that guides creating an engaging website. Depending on your terms, we can design a single-page application (SPA) or multi-page website.

Corporate web design

High-end professionalism, effective User Interface, effortless accessibility - a corporate website has to reveal everything. Please don’t get confused, as we are here to help. We craft innovative and reliable websites for large industries all around the globe. We ensure quality service within a quick turnaround time, proficient with technical skill, extensive experience, attention to detail, and continuous communication with the client.

Landing Page Design

The primary thing that your user would notice is a landing page. It should be startling enough to retain the viewer to stay on the webpage. We will present you with a landing page that would boost your business’s aims and accomplishments.

Responsive Web Design

There is no vacancy for dull web pages anymore! It’s time to probe into responsive web design to give your users a flexible and fluidic experience on different devices. We will make this feasible with our excellent web design services.


As a distinguished website design company, we offer services for intensified wireframing. Our knowledgeable and skilled professional will demonstrate your website’s fundamental structure and components on different web pages. This will provide you with a concept of how your website will look in front of the viewers.



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